HomeSeer releases HS3-Pi, giving the Pi some HS3 sugar.

Z-Wave @ CeBIT 2014

Let's prepare for CeBIT 2014 - lot's of Z-Wave to talk about. Don't forget to mark your calendars :-).

Update for week 9 2014

What's buzzing In Eastern Europe and around Fibaro, Haier and HomeSeer these days?

Update for week 8 2014

Latest software updates, bankrupties, ... and how's our Z-Wave Alliance Chairman doing these days ...

HS3, a second peek

HS3, the (beta) linux binaries are released, so I immediately fiddled with it on my mac

Are we there yet?

Quick post before end-of-year activities :-). Here’s what’s new in the HS3 universe.

Bring on the Fall!

Get back to school, get back to work… summertime is over! Here’s a short HS3 rumour round-up.

Duwi z-wave window blind Insert

A while back I've encountered some issues customizing the Duwi blind control. I've taken some notes and decided to share with the rest of the world.


It seems that RFXCOM‘s LAN transceiver has now 2 different firmware versions available: TCP/IP or xPL. Both can be flashed by the user. Good news for the xPL...

Invasion of the Z-Wave micro modules

Z-Wave micro modules rumoured to arrive September 2011 making in-wall placement behind a traditional switch finally possible with z-wave.

Groovy scripting in HomeSeer (part 1)

Feel the need to explore the bounderies of HomeSeer scripting? Try to connect to HomeSeer with Groovy, an agile dynamic language for the Java Platform.

HomeSeer Client 100% Java

HomeSeer Client written in 100% java code: no .NET, DLL, Active X or mono components

CM15A USB / Homeseer

An overview of what is needed to get the CM15A X10 USB to work with HomeSeer

HomeSeerToy in C#

Some tips and tricks to connect from a C# application to HomeSeer