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LAVA mMotion motorised TV bracket (part 1)

A motorised TV bracket sounds great? Here is how I mounted mine.


  • LAVA mMotion LRM901L by People of Lava
  • TV (in my case a Bravia Z4500 46″)
  • Toolbox

First, I would definately recommend to get help when moving your TV :). Of course don’t forget to read through the manual and installation guide first. I would even say, read thoroughly! It might look easy, however the first time it might be a bit adventurous. Luckily there are 2 youtube movies providing the necessary how-to action.

This first movie shows how to properly mount the bracket to the TV. I found that there are some instructions that could be misinterpreted when reading the manual.

My problem was that I could not mount the bracket to the correct spot on my Bravia Z4500. The connections for coax (TV) and RJ45 (network) were exactly on the place where the brackets’ arms needed to be, making it difficult to do easy plug-and-play. I’ve resolved this by adjusting the arms accordingly and using a better fitting coax plug. Still, it isn’t easy to plug in when the bracket is already mounted. So I would recommends, plug everything in while mounting and leave the cables :).

A second movie shows what’s next.

Good luck!