Awaiting HS3 goodies
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Awaiting HS3 goodies

Not much more information yet, but still nice to continue HS3 gossip in 2012 :-). In case you are interested in previous episodes, here is where we left off.

2012, February

Any news on the new HS3 plug-in API?

We will be releasing a new plug-in API for HS3 in a few months. I don’t expect the changes to be sweeping. Anything your create now will likely be pretty easy to port.

2012, March

HS3 coming closer?

HS3 is still a few months away, but we are getting close.

Any specific hardware requirements for HS3?

Hardware requirements are the same as HS2. Note that we will have a Linux version and the hardware requirements on that are even less. I have it running quite well on our HomeTrollerSE unit with Ubuntu and LXDE. That unit is only 500mhz

Any plugin details available?

I don’t have a lot of plugin details yet as we are in the process of ironing them out. We will post a sample plugin with code so you can get started as soon as we can.

We will only be supporting the zip file method for plugins (at least on Linux). There will be a new option to create EXE plugins.
The API will remain the same except for the triggers/conditions/actions API which will be changing. If your plugin does not use those then you will only need to make minor changes. Some plugins may work with no changes at all.*

2012, April

Beta version?

We are getting close to a beta, working on the plugin API right now as I want to get that out to developers.