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Last year HomeSeer released their home automation controller based on the Raspberry Pi: HomeTroller Zee. A few weeks ago they released its HS3-Pi software hoping to give existing Raspberry Pi’s (yet) another purpose.

As far as we know it supports the following interfaces:

  • Z-Wave (via Aeon Labs Z-Stick or Z-Wave.Me daughter card)
  • Insteon (via Smarthome 2413U PLM)
  • X10 (via CM11, CM15 or TI103)

Luckily, as with any HS3, it includes HSTouch Server out-of-box. But be aware, it is rumoured that HS3-Pi does not accept remote plugin connections.

Some interesting Q&A:

Does it allow the normal 30-day trial that the Windows version does?

I’m pretty sure it does. You can just use the guide to create your own SD image and double check!

If we already have HS3 PRO do we get a license for HS3PI?

Your HS3PRO license will also work with the HS3PRO Linux version of the software. HS3-Pi is not the same software and uses different licensing.

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