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Aeotec CeBIT 2014 spoilers

In the Z-Wave Alliance booth at CeBIT 2014 in Hannover Aeotec by Aeon Labs (USA) gave away their spoilers for (some of) their new additions to their Z-Wave product catalogue.

The heavy duty smart switch will be able to control, automate and record the electricity consumption of a premise’s heavy-duty appliances both in- and outdoor.</p>
  • On/off control
  • Monitor the energy consumption of up to 40A
  • 500 series Z-Wave chip
  • Currently in development
  • Expected in Q2
The LED bulb controllable via Z-Wave, working both in- and outdoor and can be set to any shade of the rainbow.</p>
  • Simplest approach to Z-Wave lighting
  • Z-Wave built right into every light bulb
  • Perfect light quality
  • Completely dimmable
  • Currently in development

The doorbell addon converts Siren into a Z-Wave enabled doorbell. While sirens have to be loud, doorbells do not: the speakers loudness in each siren is configurable. If needs be, the speaker can go as loud as 110dB. In addition to the audio alerts, 3 LED lights are built into every siren, giving the necessary visual signals. The doorbell and siren are currently in development, more news expected soon.

The water sensor is able to detect accidental presence of water, from small leaks – less than a millimetre – to large floods. The sensor can also detect the absence of water, making it perfect for managing when water must be present in fish tanks or water tanks.
We received hints that the wireless touch panel is (still) on the roadmap, however not specifying any release date, but more or less confirming it’s certainly not for this summer. We hope to receive news the coming month regarding the garage controller, hopefully the smart strip and maybe even the smart film.
As far as we know, nothing new to tell for the remaining products, but here is a list anyway:</p>