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It seems that RFXCOM‘s LAN transceiver has now 2 different firmware versions available: TCP/IP or xPL. Both can be flashed by the user. Good news for the xPL enthousiasts? :).

With the TCP/IP firmware loaded you can connect to the receiver on port 10001 and to the RFXmitter on port 10002. With the xPL firmware loaded, the receiver messages are transmitted on the LAN using the standard UDP for xPL.

More info is available in the RFXLAN xPL pdf documentation.

Also, for some time now, the sensor page of the RFXCOM website mentioned “end of life” next to some products. In short, the RFXMeter and its RFXPwr and RFXPulse modules are no longer available. But the good news… RFXCOM will release new products in a few months, rumoured to be Q1 2012, replacing the good old RFXMeter. Can’t wait to hear more about them!