homeseer python script

Python scripts in HomeSeer

For a while I was searching an alternative to VBScript as script language within HomeSeer. I almost decided to go for C# and buying the Script Connector Plugin, but decided to try an out-of-box solution first. Python was first on my list.

  1. Be sure to install the correct Python package: ActiveState ActivePython. The Community Edition (free) will do just fine.
  2. I found out - the hard way - that not any ActivePython version seemed to work with HomeSeer. I downloaded and installed version 2.6.(5.12) first, but I could not get beyond the Running script, cannot add script engines. I uninstalled version 2.6 and downloaded the older 2.5.(5.7) version, which worked just fine.
  3. No need to restart Windows, or even HomeSeer.
  4. Add a script with extension .py to HomeSeer and try it.

Here’s the script I used for my first tests:

def Main():
  hs.WriteLog("Debug","Hello HomeSeer from Smart-Living in Python!")