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MiCasaVerde Vera3 available in December

It looks like the Vera3 (quitely) sneaked in the available stock on MiCasaVerde. The specifications are the same as previously mentioned on the wiki:

  • CPU 500M Hz MIPS SoC
  • Flash NAND 32 MB
  • SDRAM 32 MB DDR2
  • Memory DDR2 128 MB
  • 2xUSB Port
  • 1xWAN Port (10/100 Mbit/sec)
  • 4xLAN Port 4 (10/100 Mbit/sect)
  • Z-Wave Built-in with internal antenna
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 177mm x 130mm x 34mm

Now we’re still waiting for the at CEDIA showed VeraLite, having a built-in battery compartment for making inclusion of Z-Wave devices into the network easier, and its lack of Wi-Fi. Hopefully in time to make it under the christmas tree.

2011-11-25, update:
It looks like Vera3 will be available somewhere in December, “EU Vera3 Dealer pre-orders will ship December 12th and customer pre-orders December 15th.”

About Mi Casa Verde
Founded in 2008, Mi Casa Verde's mission is to provide home and small business control 
and entertainment solutions that are easier to setup and use than any other product on the 
market, and that are extremely energy-efficient, eco-friendly and affordable.

Mi Casa Verde's Z-Wave home and small business controller and bridge, called Vera, 
is a simple and flexible solution. It is designed to help save energy, increase home and 
small business security and enhance the home theater experience. Vera can be managed
from anywhere in the world using an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, PC and other mobile devices.

Mi Casa Verde's Z-Wave home controller is built on the MiOS platform.