Summary for week 10 2014

Not much we can mention this week, but here it is anyway.

  • A new HS3 beta (Windows only) has arrived, the current HS3 build version is Beta (Windows)

    We are putting this out as a Beta due to some system wide changes that we would like test. This build removes the use of the regional settings file so all date/time formatting should display properly based on your PC’s regional settings.

    The DeviceScriptButton_xxx procedures (See Device Script Buttons in the help file under Scripting, Devices) were modified as well.

    A Value must be assigned to each button, which needs to be unique amongst the values already in use by the device for value/status pairs.

    This change would break existing plug-ins if it were made on the functions that were added previously, so the following procedures were changed:

    DeviceScriptButton_Add became DeviceScriptButton_AddButton
    DeviceScriptButton_Delete became DeviceScriptButton_DeleteButton
    DeviceScriptButton_Location became DeviceScriptButton_Locate

    The old version of these still exists, but returns False in each case and does not do anything. Please see the documentation for the location of the added value parameter or where the label was replaced with a value.

  • Fibaro buzz all over the interwebs, its Home Center Lite has arrived.

  • Next week CeBIT 2014 in Hannover (Germany)