eventghost homeseer python

Installation HomeSeer plugin for EventGhost

Some people have contacted me to explain in a few words how exactly to install the EventGhost HomeSeer plugin. This will hopefully do just that.

I assume that the basic features of EventGhost are known, if not please refer to the EventGhost Short Manual.

  1. Install HomeSeer Speaker Client if you are planning to call HomeSeer from a remote machine
  2. Download the latest version of the plugin
  3. Copy the folder Homeseer to the /plugins folder inside the installation directory of EventGhost
  4. Start EventGhost
  5. Add Plugin HomeSeer. It’ll be available in the Other list
    Add HomeSeer Plugin voor Event Ghost
  6. The new plugin will then be available in the Autostart section.
  7. Add the HomeSeer hostname and user credentials to the plugin configuration.
    Don’t forget to save the configuration! An incorrect configuration will be displayed in the EventGhost log window. cannotconnect
  8. Add Action, not many actions available, only the ones that were applicable to my situation.
    • Action Configuration
      This is how the speak action configuration looks: homeseer-speak
    • The device code is needed for the OnOffCommand configuration. OnOffCommandAction
    • Test :-). You can find the Test button on the Action configuration window.
      When testing the Speak Action, this will show in the EventGhost log:
      In your HomeSeer log, the result is also visible: speak-homeseerlog
      The OnOffCommand action will switch the configured device to either On/Off, depending on its current status. E.g. when the configured device is “On”, it’ll switch to “Off”. In my situation this was all I need to be able to bind one button to one specific device.